What Items Can You Pawn Here?

 A pawn shop is a business that doesn't specialize in any one type of merchandise. Pretty much anything of value and in good shape can be considered for a pawn loan. Condition and age will figure into the amount of loan you can get for your item, and that is why we have to see it in person. We won't be able to give amounts or estimates over the phone. And, if you don't need or want the item back, we may purchase it from you.

 Here is a partial list of items we currently pawn and buy.

  • Gold                                    Chain Saws                                                                
  • Silver                                   DVDs and Blu-Rays
  • Diamonds                           Cameras
  • Electronics                          Smart Phones                
  • Computers                          Flat Screen TVs
  • Video Games (all brands, including vintage)     
  • Mowers                       
  • Pressure Washers              Musical Instruments
  • Paint Sprayers                    Power Tools
  • Chain Saws                         Newer Laptops/Tablets

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